Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Error Handling Programming Guide.

2011-01-07Added advice about not modifying the error parameter if a method does not directly return NO to indicate an error (Creating and Returning NSError Objects).
2009-10-16Initialized local variables in code samples.
2009-08-18Mentioned that NSError objects are available on iOS, but noted that the error-responder/recovery APIs and architecture are specific to the Mac. Also made some minor corrections and added links to core-competency concepts.
2009-03-04Corrected a link error.
2009-01-06Added link to "Error Handling in the Document Architecture" in Document-Based Application Overview. Mentioned default behavior of presentError: with NSCocoaErrorDomain/NSUserCancelledError errors. Provided related reference, sample code, and documents.
2006-10-03Corrected code in Listing 5-2 showing creation of NSInvocation object.
2006-04-04Corrected code listing illustrating error recovery and discussed NSUserCancelledError code.
2005-04-29New document that describes how to use NSError objects and related Application Kit support when handling user-level errors.