Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Cocoa Event Handling Guide.

2013-08-08Removed incorrect advice to never send setResponder: to a view.
2013-01-28Removed obsolete information on Xcode key bindings; see Xcode's documentation for information on Xcode key bindings.

See Key Bindings Preferences for details of using key bindings in Xcode.

2012-05-14Updated links to other documents.
2010-05-20Updated paths to examples in See Also. All examples are now in ADC Reference Library.
2009-10-19Added "Handling Trackpad Events" and "Monitoring Events" chapters, which document features introduced in OS X v10.6. Also added information on NSEvent class methods introduced in OS X v10.6.
2009-08-28Corrected ordering of NSWindowController in the responder chain. Added links to Cocoa Core Competencies. Made minor corrections.
2009-02-04Added OS X v10.5 details about scroll-wheel events and key equivalents.
2008-11-19Added section on handling non-mouse events during tracking operations. Made an assortment of small corrections.
2007-03-16Added chapter on using NSTrackingArea objects (new in OS X v10.5). Clarified behavior of cursor-rect methods. Added note to "Text System Defaults and Key Bindings" stating that defining custom key bindings dynamically is not supported
2006-07-24Made substantial changes as part of a major update and reorganization of Cocoa documents related to event handling.