Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Key-Value Coding Programming Guide.

2012-07-17Updated for OS X v10.8 to include new Objective-C features.
2011-06-06Updated for OS X v10.7 to include ordered uniquing relationships.
2010-09-01Clarified that "valueWithRect:" is OS X only. Revised "Collection Operators" chapter.
2010-04-28Corrected typo.
2010-01-20Clarified "Registering Dependent Keys" and Core Data managed objects interaction. Corrected "Mutable Unordered Accessors" description.
2009-02-04Added substantial task information and sample code.
2007-06-06Added a warning that array and set operators raise on nil values.
2007-01-08Added caution about checking the error parameter in validateName:error: and making sure a valid NSError object is returned.
2006-06-28Added Key-Value Observing Programming Guide to the list of related documents.
2006-04-04Added example method signature for the -get<Key>:range: accessor pattern
2006-03-08Corrected variable names in the @distinctUnionOfArrays example.
2005-08-11Changed title of "Why Use Key-Value Coding" article.
2005-07-07Added descriptions for the collection operators @unionOfSets and @distinctUnionOfSets. Clarified the return policy for validateValue:forKey:.
2005-04-29Corrected minor typos.

Updated table of contents.


Clarified that the @sum array operator returns an NSNumber in Collection Operators.


Corrected minor typos.


Corrected typos.


Clarified that indexed accessor methods make a property appear as an array in Collection Accessor Patterns for To-Many Properties.


Key-Value Coding has been rewritten for OS X v10.3.


Accessor Search Implementation Details was updated with information on the methods deprecated in OS X v10.3.


Revision history was added to Key-Value Coding.