Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Resource Programming Guide.

2012-06-11Modified discussion of high-resolution image resources to include all Retina displays.
2011-10-12Updated for ARC and iOS 5.
2010-09-15Corrected information about how you specify high-resolution image resource filenames.
2010-05-25Updated references to the Apple developer website.
2009-01-06Added information about KVO notifications during nib loading.
2008-06-26Updated for iOS.
2007-09-04Clarified the process of how objects are instantiated when a nib file is loaded.
2007-02-08Reorganized content and added new information. Changed title from "Loading Resources".
2005-11-09Corrected the misidentification of a class method as an instance method.

Added “Instantiating Nibs From Memory” and the link to the NSNib class reference.


Section on initializing nib file objects corrected and expanded.


Revision history was added to existing topic. It will be used to record changes to the content of the topic.