Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Advanced Memory Management Programming Guide.

2012-07-17Updated to describe autorelease in terms of @autoreleasepool blocks.
2011-09-28Updated to reflect new status as a consequence of the introduction of ARC.
2011-03-24Major revision for clarity and conciseness.
2010-12-21Clarified the naming rule for mutable copy.
2010-06-24Minor rewording to memory management fundamental rule, to emphasize simplicity. Minor additions to Practical Memory Management.
2010-02-24Updated the description of handling memory warnings for iOS 3.0; partially rewrote "Object Ownership and Disposal."
2009-10-21Augmented section on accessor methods in Practical Memory Management.
2009-08-18Added links to related concepts.
2009-07-23Updated guidance for declaring outlets on OS X.
2009-05-06Corrected typographical errors.
2009-03-04Corrected typographical errors.
2009-02-04Updated "Nib Objects" article.
2008-11-19Added section on use of autorelease pools in a garbage collected environment.
2008-10-15Corrected missing image.
2008-02-08Corrected a broken link to the "Carbon-Cocoa Integration Guide."
2007-12-11Corrected typographical errors.
2007-10-31Updated for OS X v10.5. Corrected minor typographical errors.
2007-06-06Corrected minor typographical errors.
2007-05-03Corrected typographical errors.
2007-01-08Added article on memory management of nib files.
2006-06-28Added a note about dealloc and application termination.
2006-05-23Reorganized articles in this document to improve flow; updated "Object Ownership and Disposal."
2006-03-08Clarified discussion of object ownership and dealloc. Moved discussion of accessor methods to a separate article.
2006-01-10Corrected typographical errors. Updated title from "Memory Management."

Changed Related Topics links and updated topic introduction.


Expanded description of what gets released when an autorelease pool is released to include both explicitly and implicitly autoreleased objects in Using Autorelease Pool Blocks.


Revision history was added to existing topic. It will be used to record changes to the content of the topic.