Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Tree-Based XML Programming Guide.

2013-09-18Corrects information and example related to normalization.
2013-08-08Fixed sample code that was not protected against XPath injection.
2009-02-04Replaced use of deprecated method loadDataRepresentation:ofType: with readFromData:ofType:error:.
2008-10-15Made various small corrections.
2006-11-07Made several minor corrections.
2006-04-04Added new article on using NSTreeController objects with NSXMLDocument objects. Also updated code listing showing use of objectByApplyingXSLTAtURL:arguments:error:.
2005-07-07Fixed typos and made other small changes.

Added Representing Object Values as Strings and updated to discuss newest methods and options.


Added Creating and Modifying Document Type Definitions and an updated XML glossary (shared with the Event-Driven XML Programming Guide topic). Also indexed topic.


New document that explains how to use the NSXML classes of Foundation to process, modify, and query XML data. Seed distribution only.