Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Notification Programming Topics.

2009-08-18Added links to key Cocoa definitions.
2009-05-24Removed obsolete references to Java classes.
2007-05-03Noted that distributed notification centers deliver notifications on the main thread.
2007-01-08Corrected minor typographical errors.
2006-11-07Enhanced description of coalescing notifications.
2006-04-04Clarified on which thread an enqueued notification is posted. Changed title from "Notifications."

Specified that notifications are posted on the same thread where they are enqueued in Posting Notifications Asynchronously.


Indicated that notifications are used throughout the Cocoa frameworks and pointed out where such notifications are described in Notifications.


Revision history was added to existing topic. It will be used to record changes to the content of the topic.