Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Property List Programming Guide.

2010-03-24Update example code to new initializer pattern.
2009-07-30Added links to inline Cocoa concepts and made minor modifications.
2008-11-19Combined Cocoa and Core Foundation documents on property lists and reorganized material. Added a "Quick Start" mini-tutorial and a chapter on programmatically creating property lists. Mentioned iOS as a platform on which property lists are important.
2006-11-07Updated deprecated method in code listing.
2006-06-28Added an article describing how element mutability is determined when a property list is loaded from a file.
2005-08-11Made minor revisions. Changed title from "Property Lists."

Corrected error in restore property list sample code in “Using Old-Style Property Lists” and “Using XML Property Lists”.


“Serialized” property lists renamed “Binary” to better reflect their purpose.


Corrected error in restore property list sample code in “Binary Property Lists”.


Enumerated NSArray and NSDictionary methods available for writing XML plists in “XML Property Lists”. Added link to Core Foundation Property List documentation, and removed references to Property List “Services”.


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