Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Sheet Programming Topics.


Updated callback signatures to use NSInteger; removed Java information.


Corrected typos; changed title from "Sheets."


Updated Using Custom Sheets to use a document-modal sheet rather than an application-modal dialog. Added Using Application-Modal Dialogs.


Updated to cover the NSAlert class and the NSWindow method window:willPositionSheet:usingRect:, both introduced in OS X version 10.3. Specifically, this includes:


Addition of Positioning Sheets.


Modification of Using Alert Sheets, Introduction to Sheets, and Types of Alerts (renamed from “Types of Alert Sheets”).


Addition of link to Displaying Alert Help in the Dialogs and Special Panels programming topic.


“Using Custom Sheets and Cascading Sheets” split into Using Custom Sheets and Presenting a Series of Sheets. Sample code in Using Alert Sheets rewritten to better handle two versus three button sheet. Added “Using Alert Sheets in Java”. Cleaned up numerous typos.


Revision history was added to existing topic.