Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to String Programming Guide.

2014-02-11Added information about word boundary delineation and changed section title to "Words, Paragraphs, and Line Breaks."
2013-09-17Fixed typo in code snippet in "Formatting String Objects" article.
2012-12-13Clarified description of NSAnchoredSearch option.
2012-07-17Updated code snippets to adopt new Objective-C features.
2012-06-11Corrected string constant character set to UTF-8. Added guidance about using localizedStandardCompare: for Finder-like sorting. Added caveat to avoid using %s with RTL languages. Revised "String Format Specifiers" article.
2009-10-15Added links to Cocoa Core Competencies.
2008-10-15Added new aricle on character clusters; updated list of string format specifiers.
2007-10-18Corrected minor typographical errors.
2007-07-10Added notes regarding NSInteger and NSUInteger to "String Format Specifiers".
2007-03-06Corrected minor typographical errors.
2007-02-08Corrected sentence fragments and improved the example in "Scanners."
2006-12-05Added code samples to illustrate searching and path manipulation.
2006-11-07Made minor revisions to "Scanners" article.
2006-10-03Added links to path manipulation methods.
2006-06-28Corrected typographical errors.
2006-05-23Added a new article, "Reading Strings From and Writing Strings To Files and URLs"; significantly updated "Creating and Converting Strings."

Included “Creating a Character Set” into Character Sets.

2006-01-10Changed title from "Strings" to conform to reference consistency guidelines.

Added Formatting String Objects article. Added Data Formatting and the Core Foundation Strings programming topics to the introduction.


Added information about custom Unicode character sets and retrieved missing code fragments in “Creating a Character Set”. Added information and cross-reference to Drawing Strings. Rewrote introduction and added an index.


Added NSNumericSearch description to Searching, Comparing, and Sorting Strings.


Reinstated the sample code that was missing from Scanners.


Updated Creating and Converting String Objects to recommend the use of UTF8 encoding, and noted the pending deprecation of the cString... methods.


Revision history was added to existing topic.