Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSApplication Class Reference.

2013-10-22Updated for OS X v10.9.
2013-08-08Clarified behavior of targetForAction:to:from:, stopModalWithCode:, and windowWithWindowNumber:.

Clarified that targetForAction:to:from: may return nil even when a target is provided.


Added additional detail about runloop behavior to stopModalWithCode:.


Noted that windowWithWindowNumber: may return nil for a window number returned by windowNumbersWithOptions: for windows that don’t have a corresponding window owned by your app—for example, the menu bar.

2012-12-13Updated for OS X v10.8.
2011-07-07Updated for OS X v10.7.
2010-03-24Added NSAppKitVersionNumber10_6 define.
2009-06-22Itemized compatibility combinations for presentationOption constants.
2009-05-28Updated for OS X v10.6. Added presentation options. Moved delegate methods to formal protocol.
2009-02-04Added dockTile method description.
2008-10-15Updated the list of AppKit version constants. Clarified information surrounding the use of modal panels.
2007-04-24Made editorial improvements.

Added NSTerminateCancel to discussion of terminate: method.

2006-05-23Corrected typo.