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This category adds a single method to the Foundation framework’s NSCoder class. This method, decodeNXColor, is used to convert archived NXColor structures into NSColor objects.

NXColor, a type that dates from pre-OpenStep versions of NEXTSTEP, was a struct. Its replacement, NSColor, is a class. The difficulties of converting from a struct to a class require a special method like decodeNXColor.

The decodeNXColor method becomes part of the NSCoder class only for applications that use the Application Kit.

  • - decodeNXColor (OS X v10.9)

    Decodes a color structure from NEXTSTEP Release 3 or earlier and returns an NSColor object.


    - (NSColor *)decodeNXColor

    Return Value

    An autoreleased NSColor object. Returns nil if the archived color is invalid.


    This method does not have a matching method for encoding an NXColor structure. Encode an NSColor object instead.


    Available in OS X v10.0 and later.

    Deprecated in OS X v10.9.