Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSDocumentController Class Reference.

2014-03-10Corrected openDocumentWithContentsOfURL:display: completionHandler: to note that it only calls makeWindowControllers when the display parameter is YES.
2013-10-22Added descriptions of new methods for presenting Open dialogs, first available in OS X v10.8.
2012-01-09Corrected reference to deprecated method. Updated link to companion document.
2011-09-22Added deprecation summaries for openDocumentWithContentsOfURL:display:error: and reopenDocumentForURL:withContentsOfURL:error:.
2011-06-23Updated for OS X v10.7.
2009-12-04Corrected discussion of newDocument: method.
2009-10-19Replaced reference to deprecated method in description of runModalOpenPanel:forTypes: method.
2008-10-15Added defaultType to replacement information for deprecated openUntitledDocumentOfType:display: method.
2008-03-11Removed false statement that reviewUnsavedDocumentsWithAlertTitle:cancellable: delegate:didReviewAllSelector:contextInfo: can ever return NO for cancellable.
2007-10-31Enhanced the description of the displayNameForType: method.
 Updated for OS X v10.5. Corrected deprecation information.
2006-05-23Removed reference to deprecated method from newDocument: description.