Deprecated NSOpenGLContext Methods

A method identified as deprecated has been superseded and may become unsupported in the future.

Deprecated in OS X 10.8


Copies selected groups of state variables to the receiver. (Deprecated in OS X 10.8.)

- (void)copyAttributesFromContext:(NSOpenGLContext *)context withMask:(GLbitfield)mask

The OpenGL graphics context containing the desired state variables.


A bitfield containing a bitwise OR of the same symbolic names that are passed to the OpenGL call glPushAttrib. The single symbolic constant GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS can be used to copy the maximum possible portion of the rendering state.


Not all values for OpenGL states can be copied. For example, the pixel pack and unpack state, render mode state, and select and feedback state are not copied. The state that can be copied is exactly the state that is manipulated by the OpenGL call glPushAttrib.

  • Deprecated in OS X 10.8.
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