Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSOutlineView Class Reference.

2013-12-16Updated for OS X v10.9.

Clarified abstracts of autosaveExpandedItems and setAutosaveExpandedItems: methods. Clarified descriptions of setAutoresizesOutlineColumn:, reloadItem:, and shouldCollapseAutoExpandedItemsForDeposited: methods.

2011-01-13Updated for OS X v10.7. Delegate methods moved to NSOutlineViewDelegate protocol.
2010-05-13Edited setDropItem:dropChildIndex: description.
2009-11-17Clarified that delegates are mixed with the class and protocol. Added warning to reloadItem: about selection bug.
2009-05-29Updated for OS X v10.6. Delegate methods moved to NSOutlineViewDelegate Protocol Reference.
2009-02-04Added documentation for method outlineView:selectionIndexesForProposedSelection:.
2007-07-26Clarified definitions for several methods.

Noted changes for Mac OS version 10.5 in the following methods: autosaveExpandedItems, setAutosaveExpandedItems:, collapseItem:collapseChildren:, expandItem:expandChildren:, reloadItem:reloadChildren:, outlineTableColumn, setOutlineTableColumn:, frameOfOutlineCellAtRow:,outlineView:shouldCollapseItem: and setDelegate:.

2006-11-07Added note about equality of items in an NSOutlineView object.
2006-06-28Added a definition of data source methods.
2006-05-23First publication of this content as a separate document.

Added information regarding how items are expanded and collapsed to the following method descriptions: autosaveExpandedItems, setAutosaveExpandedItems:, collapseItem:collapseChildren:, and expandItem:expandChildren:.