Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSTableView Class Reference.

2014-03-10Made minor corrections.
2013-12-16Made minor corrections.
2013-10-22Updated for OS X v10.9.

Corrected description of editColumn:row:withEvent:select: to indicate that it calls selectWithFrame:inView:editor:delegate:start:length: on the field editor’s cell.

2012-09-19Updated for OS X v10.8. Added new methods.
2011-07-07Updated for OS X v10.7. New support for view-based table views.
2010-01-20Clarified how delegates setup notifications.
2009-05-29Updated for OS X v10.6. New column focusing API. Delegate methods moved to NSTableViewDelegate Protocol Reference.
2007-10-31Clarified the ownership semantics for the setDelegate: and setDataSource: methods.
2007-07-24Updated to include API introduced in OS X v10.5. Fixed minor bugs.
2006-06-28Enhanced the description of data source methods.
2006-05-23Included an explicit definition of the NSTableViewColumnAutoresizingStyle and NSTableViewDropOperation types.

First publication of this content as a separate document.