Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSNotificationCenter Class Reference.

2010-08-03Clarified discussion of addObserverForName:object:queue:usingBlock:.
2010-06-22Corrected description of memory management behavior and removing the observer for addObserverForName:object:queue:usingBlock:.
2010-04-29Modified the addObserverForName:object:usingBlock: description to extend return explanation and added release notes.
2009-09-01Corrected method heading for addObserverForName:object:queue:usingBlock:. Added trailing colon.
2009-08-28Added addObserverForName:object:queue:usingBlock: method.
2009-05-15Updated for OS X v10.6.
2008-07-11Removed a statement that the observer parameter can be nil in the removeObserver:name:object: method.
2007-04-02Updated for OS X v10.5
2006-11-07Clarified how a notification center manages observers in its dispatch table.

Updated return type of defaultCenter.

2006-05-23First publication of this content as a separate document.