Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSNumberFormatter Class Reference.

2013-08-08Clarified the descriptions of the NSNumberFormatterRoundingMode constants.
2013-04-23Revised descriptions of maximumFractionDigits, minimumFractionDigits, maximumIntegerDigits, and minimumIntegerDigits properties to state that they affect output as well as input values.
2012-09-19Added guidance that NSNumberFormatter is not thread safe.
2010-04-29Corrected See Also references.
2009-08-31Corrected a minor typographical error.
2009-08-09Updated for OS X v10.6. Added localizedStringFromNumber:numberStyle: method.
2008-11-19Added note about supported behaviors for iOS.
2008-10-15Revised descriptions of isLenient and setLenient: methods.
2007-10-31Clarified the use of the setZeroSymbol: method.
2007-02-26Updated to include new API in OS X v10.5.
2007-01-08Corrected minor typographical errors.
2006-05-23Corrected declarations of enum types.

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