Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSPropertyListSerialization Class Reference.

2010-09-08Corrected discussion of the options parameter in propertyListWithData:options:format:error:.
2010-01-20Noted that propertyListWithData:options:format:error: raises exception when the input parameter is nil.
2009-10-08Corrected NSPropertyListReadOptions and NSPropertyListWriteOptions options.
2009-08-28Updated for OS X v 10.6. Added methods that support the more robust read and write options.
2008-06-09Updated dataFromPropertyList: and propertyListFromData: to remove note about OS X v10.5 behavior.
2007-12-11Updated to fix minor typos.
2007-03-06Described update to dataFromPropertyList:format:errorDescription: in OS X v10.5. Noted that NSPropertyListOpenStepFormat is not supported for writing.
2006-05-23First publication of this content as a separate document.