Deprecated NSScriptClassDescription Methods

A method identified as deprecated has been superseded and may become unsupported in the future.

Deprecated in OS X v10.5


Returns a Boolean value indicating whether a specified property in the receiver is read-only. (Deprecated in OS X v10.5. Use hasWritablePropertyForKey: instead.)

- (BOOL)isReadOnlyKey:(NSString *)key

The identifying key for a property of the receiver.

Return Value

YES if the property specified by key exists in the receiver or in the NSScriptClassDescription for any superclass, and is read only; otherwise, NO.

Special Considerations

This method could return NO either because key is unrecognized or because writing to the property is not supported. Use hasWritablePropertyForKey: instead.

  • Available in in OS X v10.0.
  • Deprecated in OS X v10.5.
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