Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSUndoManager Class Reference.

2013-08-08Updated some memory management details.

Removed recommendation to call removeAllActionsWithTarget: in dealloc.


Added note that prepareWithInvocationTarget: maintains a weak reference to the provided target.

2012-06-11Added NSUndoManagerGroupIsDiscardableKey constant.
2011-06-06Updated for OS X v10.7. Added new discardable undo action methods and constants.
2009-05-15Minor reformatting.
2009-03-10First release for iOS.
2007-02-08Corrected the return-value descriptions for undoActionName: and redoActionName: when no action is registered.
2007-01-18Corrected description of return value for undoActionName: and redoActionName: if no action is registered.
2006-05-23First publication of this content as a separate document.