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A WebPlugInViewFactory object is used to create an NSView for a plug-in. The principal class in a plug-in bundle must conform to this protocol.

  • Creates a new plug-in view.



    static func plugInViewWithArguments(_ arguments: [NSObject : AnyObject]!) -> NSView!


    + (NSView *)plugInViewWithArguments:(NSDictionary *)arguments



    Arguments used in creating the view.

    Return Value

    The created view.


    This method returns an NSView object that conforms to the WebPlugIn informal protocol. The arguments dictionary should be specified by the keys and objects described in Constants. This method is required.


    Available in OS X v10.3.9 and later.

  • The following constants define the keys used to access the values in the arguments dictionary passed in to the plugInViewWithArguments:method. Note that WebPlugInBaseURLKey and WebPlugInAttributesKey will always correspond to data, the others may be nil.



    let WebPlugInBaseURLKey: String let WebPlugInAttributesKey: String let WebPlugInContainerKey: String let WebPlugInContainingElementKey: String let WebPlugInShouldLoadMainResourceKey: String


    extern NSString *WebPlugInBaseURLKey; extern NSString *WebPlugInAttributesKey; extern NSString *WebPlugInContainerKey; extern NSString *WebPlugInContainingElementKey; extern NSString *WebPlugInShouldLoadMainResourceKey;


    • WebPlugInBaseURLKey


      The base URL of the document containing the plug-in's view. Required key.

      Available in OS X v10.3 and later.

    • WebPlugInAttributesKey


      The NSDictionary object containing all names and values of all attributes of the plug-in’s associated HTML element, as well as all names and values of the parameters to be passed to the plug-in. For example, this dictionary will contain all PARAM elements within an APPLET element. If attribute and parameter names conflict, the attributes of an element take precedence over any of its parameters. All keys and values in this dictionary must be of type NSString. Required key.

      Available in OS X v10.3 and later.

    • WebPlugInContainerKey


      An object that conforms to the WebPlugInContainer informal protocol. This object is used for callbacks from the plug-in to the enclosing application. If WebPlugInContainerKey is nil, no callbacks will occur.

      Available in OS X v10.3 and later.

    • WebPlugInContainingElementKey


      If an element of the page’s Document Object Model was used to specify the plug-in, this will contain that element. Otherwise, it will be nil.

      Available in OS X v10.3 and later.

    • WebPlugInShouldLoadMainResourceKey


      A Boolean value indicating whether the plug-in should load its own main resource (the src URL, in most cases). If YEStrue, the plug-in should load its own main resource. If NOfalse, the plug-in uses the data provided by WebKit and the webPlugInMainResourceDidReceiveData: message is sent to the plug-in when data is received. The default value is NOfalse.

      Available in OS X v10.6 and later.