Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to String Programming Guide for Core Foundation.

2014-02-11Clarified discussion in "The Unicode Basis of CFString Objects."
2012-07-17Removed statement that character set is restricted to ASCII.
2008-03-11Added information to "Handling External Representations of Strings" about string encodings that do not include a BOM.
2007-07-10Added section to "Comparing, Sorting, and Searching String Objects" to illustrate how to sort strings like Finder.
2006-05-23Included the "String Format Specifiers" article.
2006-01-10Changed title from "Strings." Updated "About Strings" to include a reference to CFAttributedString.
2005-08-11Corrected description of character-by-character literal comparisons in "Comparing and Searching String Objects."

Corrected use of CFRangeMake in Accessing the Contents of String Objects.


Corrected the description of the CFStringCapitalize function.


Converted existing Core Foundation documentation into topic format. Added revision history.