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filtercalltree(1)         BSD General Commands Manual        filtercalltree(1)

     filtercalltree -- Filter or prune a call tree file generated by sample or malloc_history

     filtercalltree call-tree-file [-invertCallTree] [-pruneCount count] [-pruneMallocSize size]
                    [-chargeSystemLibraries] [-chargeLibrary libraryName] [-keepBoundaries]

     filtercalltree reads a file containing a call tree, as generated by the sample(1) or malloc_history(1)
     commands, and filters or prunes it as specified by the options.

     -invertCallTree         Print the call tree from hottest to coldest stack frame.

     -pruneCount count       Remove branches of the call tree that have count less than count

     -pruneMallocSize size   Remove branches of the call tree that have malloc size less than size, such as
                             500K or 1.2M.

     -chargeSystemLibraries  Remove stack frames from all libraries in /System and /usr, while still charg-ing charging
                             ing their cost to the caller.

     -chargeLibrary library-name
                             Remove stack frames from library-name, while still charging their cost to the
                             caller.  This argument can be repeated for multiple libraries.

     -keepBoundaries         When charging libraries to callers, keep the top call into excluded libraries.

     malloc_history(1), sample(1)

BSD                               May 7, 2011                              BSD

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