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GIT-CHECK-IGNORE(1)                              Git Manual                              GIT-CHECK-IGNORE(1)

       git-check-ignore - Debug gitignore / exclude files

       git check-ignore [options] pathname...
       git check-ignore [options] --stdin < <list-of-paths>

       For each pathname given via the command-line or from a file via --stdin, show the pattern from
       .gitignore (or other input files to the exclude mechanism) that decides if the pathname is excluded
       or included. Later patterns within a file take precedence over earlier ones.

       -q, --quiet
           Don't output anything, just set exit status. This is only valid with a single pathname.

       -v, --verbose
           Also output details about the matching pattern (if any) for each given pathname.

           Read file names from stdin instead of from the command-line.

           The output format is modified to be machine-parseable (see below). If --stdin is also given,
           input paths are separated with a NUL character instead of a linefeed character.

       By default, any of the given pathnames which match an ignore pattern will be output, one per line. If
       no pattern matches a given path, nothing will be output for that path; this means that path will not
       be ignored.

       If --verbose is specified, the output is a series of lines of the form:

       <source> <COLON> <linenum> <COLON> <pattern> <HT> <pathname>

       <pathname> is the path of a file being queried, <pattern> is the matching pattern, <source> is the
       pattern's source file, and <linenum> is the line number of the pattern within that source. If the
       pattern contained a ! prefix or / suffix, it will be preserved in the output. <source> will be an
       absolute path when referring to the file configured by core.excludesfile, or relative to the
       repository root when referring to .git/info/exclude or a per-directory exclude file.

       If -z is specified, the pathnames in the output are delimited by the null character; if --verbose is
       also specified then null characters are also used instead of colons and hard tabs:

       <source> <NULL> <linenum> <NULL> <pattern> <NULL> <pathname> <NULL>

           One or more of the provided paths is ignored.

           None of the provided paths are ignored.

           A fatal error was encountered.

       gitignore(5) gitconfig(5) git-ls-files(5)

       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 1.8.3                                        05/24/2013                              GIT-CHECK-IGNORE(1)

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