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GIT-CHERRY(1)                                    Git Manual                                    GIT-CHERRY(1)

       git-cherry - Find commits not merged upstream

       git cherry [-v] [<upstream> [<head> [<limit>]]]

       The changeset (or "diff") of each commit between the fork-point and <head> is compared against each
       commit between the fork-point and <upstream>. The commits are compared with their patch id, obtained
       from the git patch-id program.

       Every commit that doesn't exist in the <upstream> branch has its id (sha1) reported, prefixed by a
       symbol. The ones that have equivalent change already in the <upstream> branch are prefixed with a
       minus (-) sign, and those that only exist in the <head> branch are prefixed with a plus (+) symbol:

                      __*__*__*__*__> <upstream>
                     \__+__+__-__+__+__-__+__> <head>

       If a <limit> has been given then the commits along the <head> branch up to and including <limit> are
       not reported:

                      __*__*__*__*__> <upstream>
                     \__*__*__<limit>__-__+__> <head>

       Because git cherry compares the changeset rather than the commit id (sha1), you can use git cherry to
       find out if a commit you made locally has been applied <upstream> under a different commit id. For
       example, this will happen if you're feeding patches <upstream> via email rather than pushing or
       pulling commits directly.


           Upstream branch to compare against. Defaults to the first tracked remote branch, if available.

           Working branch; defaults to HEAD.

           Do not report commits up to (and including) limit.


       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 1.8.3                                        05/24/2013                                    GIT-CHERRY(1)

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