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GIT-LOST-FOUND(1)                                Git Manual                                GIT-LOST-FOUND(1)

       git-lost-found - Recover lost refs that luckily have not yet been pruned

       git lost-found

       NOTE: this command is deprecated. Use git-fsck(1) with the option --lost-found instead.

       Finds dangling commits and tags from the object database, and creates refs to them in the
       .git/lost-found/ directory. Commits and tags that dereference to commits are stored in
       .git/lost-found/commit, and other objects are stored in .git/lost-found/other.

       Prints to standard output the object names and one-line descriptions of any commits or tags found.

       Suppose you run git tag -f and mistype the tag to overwrite. The ref to your tag is overwritten, but
       until you run git prune, the tag itself is still there.

           $ git lost-found
           [1ef2b196d909eed523d4f3c9bf54b78cdd6843c6] GIT 0.99.9c

       Also you can use gitk to browse how any tags found relate to each other.

           $ gitk $(cd .git/lost-found/commit && echo ??*)

       After making sure you know which the object is the tag you are looking for, you can reconnect it to
       your regular refs hierarchy by using the update-ref command.

           $ git cat-file -t 1ef2b196
           $ git cat-file tag 1ef2b196
           object fa41bbce8e38c67a218415de6cfa510c7e50032a
           type commit
           tag v0.99.9c
           tagger Junio C Hamano <> 1131059594 -0800

           GIT 0.99.9c

           This contains the following changes from the "master" branch, since
           $ git update-ref refs/tags/not-lost-anymore 1ef2b196
           $ git rev-parse not-lost-anymore

       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 1.8.3                                        05/24/2013                                GIT-LOST-FOUND(1)

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