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HEADERDOC2HTML(1)         BSD General Commands Manual        HEADERDOC2HTML(1)

     headerdoc2html -- header documentation processor

     headerdoc2html [-HXdhquvx] [-o output_dir] file [file ...]

     Headerdoc2html processes the header file or files and generates HTML documentation based on specially-formatted speciallyformatted
     formatted comments.

     The options are as follows:

     -H    The -H option turns on inclusion of the htmlHeader line, as specified in the config file.

     -X    The -X option switches from HTML to XML output

     -d    The -d option turns on extra debugging output.

     -h    The -h option causes headerdoc to output an XML file containing metadata about the resulting doc-ument. document.

     -p    The -p option turns on the C preprocessor.

     -q    The -q option causes headerdoc to be excessively quiet.

     -u    The -u option causes headerdoc to produce unsorted output.

     -v    The -v option causes headerdoc to print version information.

     If no options are specified, headerdoc will produce directories containing its standard HTML output.

     For a complete list of flags, see the HeaderDoc User Guide.



     For more information, see the HeaderDoc User Guide.  It can be found in /Developer/Documentation/ if
     you have the Xcode Tools package installed, or at <
     tion/DeveloperTools/Conceptual/HeaderDoc/> in the reference library.

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