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instruments(1)            BSD General Commands Manual           instruments(1)


     instruments [-t template] [-D document] [-l timeLimit] [-i #] [-w device] [[-p pid] | [application [-e
     variable value] [argument ...]]]

     Runs an Instruments template from the command line.

     Options are :

     -t template
              The path to the template to run

     -s       Show list of known templates and exit

     -D document
              The path to save the trace document data to (This may already exist, in which case a new Run
              will be added)

     -l #     The limit of milliseconds to record until termination ( infinite is default )

     -i #     The index of the instrument to apply the following target data to ( default if missing )

     -p pid   The ID of the process to attach to

              The path to the application or command to launch

     -w hardware device
              The identifier of the hardware to target

     -e variable value
              An environment variable setting (You may specify more than one)

              Command line argument to be sent to the launched process (You may specify more than one)

     -v       Turn on verbose logging

SEE ALSO may be used to perform trace executions in a graphical environment and may also be used
     to open trace documents created by instruments.

     instruments -t mytemplate

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