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LKBIB(1)                                                                                            LKBIB(1)

       lkbib - search bibliographic databases

       lkbib [ -v ] [ -ifields ] [ -pfilename ] [ -tn ] key...

       It is possible to have whitespace between a command line option and its parameter.

       lkbib  searches  bibliographic  databases  for references that contain the keys key... and prints any
       references found on the standard output.  lkbib will search any databases given by  -p  options,  and
       then  a default database.  The default database is taken from the REFER environment variable if it is
       set, otherwise it is /usr/dict/papers/Ind.  For each database filename to be searched,  if  an  index
       filename.i  created by indxbib(1) exists, then it will be searched instead; each index can cover mul-tiple multiple
       tiple databases.

       -v     Print the version number.

              Search filename.  Multiple -p options can be used.

              When searching files for which no index exists, ignore the contents of fields whose names  are
              in string.

       -tn    Only require the first n characters of keys to be given.  Initially n is 6.

       REFER  Default database.

       /usr/dict/papers/Ind  Default database to be used if the REFER environment variable is not set.

       filename.i            Index files.

       refer(1), lookbib(1), indxbib(1)

Groff Version 1.19.2                          24 November 2004                                      LKBIB(1)

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