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nettop(1)                 BSD General Commands Manual                nettop(1)

     nettop -- Display updated information about the network

     nettop [-nc] [-m <mode>]

     The nettop program displays a list of sockets or routes. The counts for network structures are updated
     periodically. While the program is running the following keys may be used:

     q        Quit

     Up Arrow
              Scroll up

     Down Arrow
              Scroll down

     Right Arrow
              Scroll Right

     Left Arrow
              Scroll Left

     d        Toggle delta output

     r        Redraw screen

     p        Toggle human readable numbers

     e        Expand all

     c        Collapse all

     h        Bring up the help menu

     j        Bring up the column selection menu.  In this mode you can enable/disable columns and change
              their order.

     A list of flags and their descriptions:

     -m <mode>
              Specify the mode. By default, nettop will monitor TCP and UDP sockets. The following modes are

              tcp      Only TCP sockets will be monitored

              udp      Only UDP sockets will be monitored

              route    Instead of sockets, the routing table will be monitored

     -n       Disable address to name resolution

     -c       Less intensive use of the CPU - draws less often

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