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NFSSTAT(1)                BSD General Commands Manual               NFSSTAT(1)

     nfsstat -- display NFS statistics

     nfsstat [-cseuv] [-w wait] [-n net|user] [-m [mountpath]]

     nfsstat displays statistics kept about NFS client and server activity, active user activity, exported
     directories, and mount information.  In the absence of any options, nfsstat displays NFS client and
     server statistics.

     The options are as follows:

     -c      Show NFS client statistics.

     -e      Show NFS server exported directory statistics.

     -m [mountpath]
             Show NFS mount information.

     -s      Show NFS server statistics.

     -u      Show NFS server active user statistics.

     -w wait
             Display a shorter summary at wait second intervals.

     -n net|user
             Show network addresses as numbers, or show users as uid numbers.  This option can appear multi-ple multiple
             ple times.

     -v      Show additional information (if available).

     The data fields that nfsstat displays for each set of statistics are:

     Client Information:
         Statistics for NFS file system mounts.

         RPC Counts
             Counts of the RPC calls made to each of the NFS protocol procedures.

         RPC Info
             Statistics for NFS RPC calls:

                  RPC calls that timed out, perhaps to a slow or dead server.

                  Invalid RPC replies.

             X Replies
                  RPC replies received that did not have calls pending.

                  RPC calls that were retried.

                  Total number of RPC calls made.

         Cache Info
             Statistics on NFS client-side cache performance:

             Attr Hits/Misses
                  Performance of the NFS file attribute cache.

             Lkup Hits/Misses
                  Performance of the directory name lookup cache.

             BioR Hits/Misses
                  Performance of block cache for reads.

             BioW Hits/Misses
                  Performance of block cache for writes.

             BioRL Hits/Misses
                  Performance of symbolic link cache.

             BioD Hits/Misses
                  Performance of directory cache.

             DirE Hits/Misses
                  Performance of directory offset cache.

     Server Information:
         Statistics for the NFS server.

         RPC Counts
             Counts of RPC calls on each of the NFS server's procedures are recorded here.

         Server Ret-Failed
             RPC errors returned by the server.

         Server Faults
             Errors in the NFS server.

         Server Cache Stats
             Statistics from the NFS server's RPC duplicate request cache:

                  Calls already in progress.

                  Cache hits for idempotent procedures.

                  Cache hits for non-idempotent procedures.

                  Cache Misses.

         Server Write Gathering
             These statistics describe the efficiency of the NFS server's write gathering feature.

                  Write operations to disk.

                  Write operations received by the server.

                  Write operations that were gathered (WriteRPC - WriteOps)

     NFS Server Exported Directory Information:
         Statistics for each exported directory on the NFS server.

         NFS Requests
              Count of NFS requests processed by an exported directory.

         Bytes Read
              Count of bytes read from an exported directory.

         Bytes Written
              Count of bytes written to an exported directory.

     NFS Server Active User Information:
         List of active NFS users and statistics on the NFS server.

         NFS Requests
              Count of NFS requests received from an active user.

         Bytes Read
              Count of bytes read by an active user.

         Bytes Written
              Count of bytes written by an active user.

              Amount of time an active user has been idle.

              Name (or uid if -n user was given) of active user.

         IP Address
              Host name (or network address if -n net was given) of client machine.

     NFS Mount Information:
         Information about the given NFS mount (or all NFS mounts).

         The path mounted on and the server:/path that is mounted.

         Mount arguments originally passed in to the mount.

         Current mount parameter values and status information.

     netstat(1), iostat(8), mount_nfs(8), nfsd(8)

     The nfsstat command appears in 4.4BSD.

4.4BSD                         January 11, 2011                         4.4BSD

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