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NROFF(1)                                                                                            NROFF(1)

       nroff - emulate nroff command with groff

       nroff [ -CchipStUv ] [ -dcs ] [ -Mdir ] [ -mname ] [ -nnum ] [ -olist ] [ -rcn ] [ -Tname ]
             [ file ... ]

       The nroff script emulates the nroff command using groff.  Only ascii, latin1, utf8,  and  cp1047  are
       valid  arguments for the -T option, selecting the output encoding emitted by grotty, groff's TTY out-put output
       put device.  If an invalid or no -T option is given, nroff checks the  current  locale  to  select  a
       default  output  device.   It  first tries the locale program, then the environment variables LC_ALL,
       LC_CTYPE, and LANG, and finally the LESSCHARSET environment variable.

       The -h and -c options are equivalent to grotty's options -h (using tabs in the output) and -c  (using
       the  old  output  scheme  instead  of  SGR escape sequences).  The -d, -C, -i, -M, -m, -n, -o, and -r
       options have the effect described in troff(1).  In addition, nroff silently ignores the  options  -e,
       -q,  and  -s  (which  are  not implemented in troff).  Options -p (pic), -t (tbl), -S (safer), and -U
       (unsafe) are passed to groff.  -v shows the version number.

              A colon separated list of directories in which to  search  for  the  groff  executable  before
              searching in PATH.  If unset, `/usr/bin' is used.

       This shell script is basically intended for use with man(1), so warnings are suppressed.  nroff-style
       character definitions (in the file tty-char.tmac) are also loaded to emulate unrepresentable  glyphs.

       groff(1), troff(1), grotty(1)

Groff Version 1.19.2                            12 April 2005                                       NROFF(1)

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