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NSEQ(1)                                            OpenSSL                                           NSEQ(1)

       nseq - create or examine a netscape certificate sequence

       openssl nseq [-in filename] [-out filename] [-toseq]

       The nseq command takes a file containing a Netscape certificate sequence and prints out the
       certificates contained in it or takes a file of certificates and converts it into a Netscape
       certificate sequence.

       -in filename
           This specifies the input filename to read or standard input if this option is not specified.

       -out filename
           specifies the output filename or standard output by default.

           normally a Netscape certificate sequence will be input and the output is the certificates
           contained in it. With the -toseq option the situation is reversed: a Netscape certificate
           sequence is created from a file of certificates.

       Output the certificates in a Netscape certificate sequence

        openssl nseq -in nseq.pem -out certs.pem

       Create a Netscape certificate sequence

        openssl nseq -in certs.pem -toseq -out nseq.pem

       The PEM encoded form uses the same headers and footers as a certificate:

        -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----------END CERTIFICATE---------END

       A Netscape certificate sequence is a Netscape specific form that can be sent to browsers as an
       alternative to the standard PKCS#7 format when several certificates are sent to the browser: for
       example during certificate enrollment.  It is used by Netscape certificate server for example.

       This program needs a few more options: like allowing DER or PEM input and output files and allowing
       multiple certificate files to be used.

50                                               2013-03-05                                          NSEQ(1)

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