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WHO(1)                    BSD General Commands Manual                   WHO(1)

     who -- display who is logged in

     who [-abdHlmpqrsTtu] [file]
     who am i

     The who utility displays a list of all users currently logged on, showing for each user the login name,
     tty name, the date and time of login, and hostname if not local.

     Available options:

     -a    Same as -bdlprTtu.

     -b    Time of last system boot.

     -d    Print dead processes.

     -H    Write column headings above the regular output.

     -l    Print system login processes (unsupported).

     -m    Only print information about the current terminal.  This is the POSIX way of saying who am i.

     -p    Print active processes spawned by launchd(8) (unsupported).

     -q    ``Quick mode'': List only the names and the number of users currently logged on.  When this
           option is used, all other options are ignored.

     -r    Print the current runlevel.  This is meaningless on Mac OS X.

     -s    List only the name, line and time fields.  This is the default.

     -T    Print a character after the user name indicating the state of the terminal line: `+' if the ter-minal terminal
           minal is writable; `-' if it is not; and `?' if a bad line is encountered.

     -t    Print last system clock change (unsupported).

     -u    Print the idle time for each user, and the associated process ID.

     am I  Returns the invoker's real user name.

     file  By default, who gathers information from the file /var/run/utmpx.  An alternative file may be


     last(1), mesg(1), users(1), getuid(2), utmpx(5)

     The who utility conforms to IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1'').

     A who utility appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX.

BSD                            January 17, 2007                            BSD

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