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zipcloak(1)                                                                                      zipcloak(1)

       zipcloak - encrypt entries in a zipfile

       zipcloak [-d] [-b path] [-h] [-v] [-L] zipfile

       zipfile  Zipfile to encrypt entries in

       -b path
       --temp-path path
              Use the directory given by path for the temporary zip file.

              Decrypt encrypted entries (copy if given wrong password).

              Show a short help.

              Show software license.

       -O path
       --output-file zipfile
              Write output to new archive zipfile, leaving original archive as is.

              Quiet operation.  Suppresses some informational messages.

              Show version information.

       zipcloak encrypts all unencrypted entries in the zipfile.  This is the default action.

       The -d option is used to decrypt encrypted entries in the zipfile.

       zipcloak uses original zip encryption which is considered weak.

       Note:  The  encryption  code  of this program is not copyrighted and is put in the public domain.  It
              was originally written in Europe and can be freely distributed from any country including  the
              U.S.A.   (Previously  if this program was imported into the U.S.A, it could not be re-exported
              from the U.S.A to another country.)  See the file README.CR included in the  source  distribu-tion distribution
              tion for more on this.  Otherwise, the Info-ZIP license applies.

       To be added.

       Large files (> 2 GB) and large archives not yet supported.

       Split archives not yet supported.  A work around is to convert the split archive to a single-file ar-chive archive
       chive using zip and then use zipcloak on the single-file archive.  If needed, the  resulting  archive
       can then be split again using zip.

       zip(1), unzip(1)


                                             v3.0 of 8 May 2008                                  zipcloak(1)

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