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ZNEW(1)                   BSD General Commands Manual                  ZNEW(1)

     znew -- convert compressed files to gzipped files

     znew [-ftv9K] file ...

     The znew utility uncompresses files compressed by compress(1) and recompresses them with gzip(1).

     The options are as follows:

     -f      Overwrite existing `.gz' files.  Unless this option is specified, znew refuses to overwrite
             existing files.

     -t      Test integrity of the gzipped file before deleting the original file.  If the integrity check
             fails, the original `.Z' file is not removed.

     -v      Print a report specifying the achieved compression ratios.

     -9      Use the -9 mode of gzip(1), achieving better compression at the cost of slower execution.

     -K      Keep the original `.Z' file if it uses less disk blocks than the gzipped one.  A disk block is
             1024 bytes.


     The znew utility tries to maintain the file mode of the original file.  If the original file is not
     writable, it is not able to do that and znew will print a warning.

BSD                            January 26, 2007                            BSD

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