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MALLOC_ZONE_MALLOC(3)    BSD Library Functions Manual    MALLOC_ZONE_MALLOC(3)

     malloc_create_zone, malloc_destroy_zone, malloc_default_zone, malloc_zone_from_ptr, malloc_zone_malloc,
     malloc_zone_calloc, malloc_zone_valloc, malloc_zone_realloc, malloc_zone_memalign, malloc_zone_free --zone-based -zone-based
     zone-based memory allocation

     #include <malloc/malloc.h>

     malloc_zone_t *
     malloc_create_zone(vm_size_t start_size, unsigned flags);

     malloc_destroy_zone(malloc_zone_t *zone);

     malloc_zone_t *

     malloc_zone_t *
     malloc_zone_from_ptr(const void *ptr);

     void *
     malloc_zone_malloc(malloc_zone_t *zone, size_t size);

     void *
     malloc_zone_calloc(malloc_zone_t *zone, size_t num_items, size_t size);

     void *
     malloc_zone_valloc(malloc_zone_t *zone, size_t size);

     void *
     malloc_zone_realloc(malloc_zone_t *zone, void *ptr, size_t size);

     void *
     malloc_zone_memalign(malloc_zone_t *zone, size_t alignment, size_t size);

     malloc_zone_free(malloc_zone_t *zone, void *ptr);

     The malloc_create_zone() function creates a malloc zone, advising an initial allocation of start_size
     bytes, and specifying flags The returned malloc zone can be used to provide custom allocation and deal-location deallocation
     location behavior, and to retrieve additional information about the allocations in that zone.  At
     present there are no client settable flag values recognized by malloc_create_zone(), the flags argument
     should always be passed as zero.

     The malloc_destroy_zone() function deallocates all memory associated with objects in zone as well as
     zone itself.

     The malloc_default_zone() function returns the default system malloc zone, used by malloc(3), and

     The malloc_zone_from_ptr() function returns a pointer to the malloc zone which contains ptr or NULL, if
     the pointer does not point to an allocated object in any current malloc zone.

     The malloc_zone_malloc(), malloc_zone_calloc(), malloc_zone_valloc(), malloc_zone_realloc(),
     malloc_zone_memalign(), and malloc_zone_free() perform the same task on zone as their non-prefixed
     variants, malloc(3), calloc(3), valloc(3), realloc(3), posix_memalign(3), and free(3) perform on the
     default system malloc zone.

     The malloc_create_zone(), malloc_default_zone(), and malloc_zone_from_ptr() functions return a pointer
     to a malloc_zone_t structure, or NULL if there was an error.

     The malloc_zone_malloc(), malloc_zone_calloc(), malloc_zone_valloc(), malloc_zone_realloc(), and
     malloc_zone_memalign() functions return a pointer to allocated memory.  If there is an error, they
     return a NULL pointer.  They are not required to set errno.

     malloc(3), posix_memalign(3)

BSD                              Aug 13, 2008                              BSD

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