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RINT(3)                  BSD Library Functions Manual                  RINT(3)

     rint, lrint, llrint -- round to integral value

     #include <math.h>

     rint(double x);

     long double
     rintl(long double x);

     rintf(float x);

     long int
     lrint(double x);

     long int
     lrintl(long double x);

     long int
     lrintf(float x);

     long long int
     llrint(double x);

     long long int
     llrintl(long double x);

     long long int
     llrintf(float x);

     The rint() functions return the integral value nearest to x (according to the prevailing rounding mode)
     in floating-point format.

     The lrint() and llrint() functions return the integral value nearest to x (according to the prevailing
     rounding mode) in the return formats specified.  If the rounded value is outside the range of the
     return type, the numeric result is unspecified and the "invalid" floating-point exception is raised. A
     range error may occur if the magnitude of x is too large.

     rint(+-_) returns +-0 for all rounding modes.

     rint(+-infinity) returns +-infinity for all rounding modes.

     All these functions raise the "inexact" floating-point exception if the result differs in value from
     the argument (except when they raise some other floating-point exception, such as "invalid").

     The rinttol() function is deprecated.  Please use the C99 function lrint() instead.

     abs(3), fabs(3), ceil(3), floor(3), math(3)

     The rint() , lrint() , and llrint() functions conform to ISO/IEC 9899:2011.

BSD                              July 02, 2008                             BSD

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