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MSKANJI(5)                  BSD File Formats Manual                 MSKANJI(5)

     mskanji -- Shift-JIS (MS Kanji) encoding for Japanese text

     ENCODING "MSKanji"

     Shift-JIS, also known as MS Kanji or SJIS, is an encoding system for Japanese characters, developed by
     Microsoft Corporation.  It encodes the characters from the JIS X 0201 (ASCII/JIS-Roman) and JIS X 0208
     (Japanese) character sets as sequences of either one or two bytes.

     Characters from the ASCII/JIS-Roman character set are encoded as single bytes between 0x00 and 0x7F
     (ASCII) or 0xA1 and 0xDF (Half-width katakana).

     Characters from the JIS X 0208 character set are encoded as two bytes.  The first ranges from 0x81 -0x9F, 0x810x9F,
     0x9F, 0xE0 - 0xEA, 0xED - 0xEE (not JIS: NEC-selected IBM extended characters), 0xF0 - 0xF9 (not JIS:
     user defined), or 0xFA - 0xFC (not JIS: IBM extended characters).  The second byte ranges from 0x40 -0xFC, 0x400xFC,
     0xFC, excluding 0x7F (delete).

     euc(5), utf8(5)

BSD                             August 7, 2003                             BSD

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