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GROFF_MOM(7)                                                                                    GROFF_MOM(7)

       groff_mom - groff `mom' macros

       groff -mom [ files... ]
       groff -m mom [ files... ]

       mom  ("my  own macros", "my other macros", "maximum overdrive macros", ...) is a macro set for groff,
       designed primarily to format documents for PostScript output.

       mom provides two categories of macros: macros for typesetting and  macros  for  document  processing.
       The typesetting macros provide access to groff's typesetting power in ways that are simpler to master
       and to use than groff's primitives.  The  document  processing  macros  provide  customizable  markup
       "tags"  that  allow  the  user  to design and output professional-looking documents with a minimum of
       typesetting intervention.

       mom comes with her own (very) complete documentation in HTML format.

              - the main macro file
              - a wrapper file that calls om.tmac directly.

       /usr/share/doc/groff/1.19.2/html/momdoc/toc.html </usr/share/doc/groff/1.19.2/html/momdoc/toc.html>
              - entry point to the HTML documentation

              - example files using mom

       mom was written by

       Peter Schaffter <>.  Please send bug reports to the

       groff bug mailing list <> or directly to the author, either at the address above  or

Groff Version 1.19.2                             16 May 2005                                    GROFF_MOM(7)

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