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SubmitDiagInfo(8)         BSD System Manager's Manual        SubmitDiagInfo(8)

     SubmitDiagInfo -- sends diagnostic information to Apple


     SubmitDiagInfo is a system process which runs periodically.  If the user has opted-in for automatic
     reporting of diagnostic and usage information, then SubmitDiagInfo collects and sends to Apple any
     recent diagnostic information which has not yet been sent to Apple.  SubmitDiagInfo also cleans up any
     diagnostic and usage information which was created more than one month ago and is no longer needed.

     Sending diagnostic and usage reports to Apple helps us improve the quality and performance of our prod-ucts products
     ucts and services.  It helps Apple identify common usage trends and issues that enable us to allocate
     our resources efficiently, and it helps us provide better support services to you and other customers.
     All of the diagnostic and usage information is collected anonymously from your computer in a way that
     does not personally identify you.  Reports may include the following information:

     -   Details about application or system crashes, freezes, or kernel panics.
     -   Information about events on your computer (e.g. whether a certain function, such as waking your
         computer was successful or not).
     -   Usage information (e.g. data about how Apple and third party software, hardware and services are
         being used).

     Automatic reporting of diagnostic information is off by default and no information is sent to Apple
     unless a user has opted-in to automatic collection of diagnostic information.  A user is offered the
     opportunity to opt-in for automatic collection of additional diagnostic and usage information after the
     user has manually sent a crash, hang or panic report to Apple.  Users may at any time opt in or out of
     automatic reporting in the Security & Privacy pane of the System Preferences application under the
     "Privacy" tab.

     All diagnostic and usage information which is eligible for automatic reporting is visible in the Con-sole Console
     sole application under the "DIAGNOSTIC AND USAGE INFORMATION" heading in the application's sidebar.
     (The information appears here even if a user has not yet opted-in for automatic reporting.)  For secu-rity security
     rity purposes, some system diagnostic information will only be visible to admin users and will only be
     submitted when an admin user is logged in.

     Users who need technical support should use or other authorized support
     channels.  Developers who are ADC members should submit bug reports using
     in order to allow for two way communication between Apple and the bug reporter.


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