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MOUNT_URL(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual             MOUNT_URL(8)

     mount_url -- mount a remote file system given a URL

     /usr/libexec/mount_url [-nrw] [-o options] URL node

     The mount_url program mounts a remote file system, specified by URL, on node.

     The options are as follows:

     -n      The mount should be done through the NetAuth agent.

     -o      Options are specified with a -o flag followed by a comma separated string of options.  See the
             mount(8) man page for possible options and their meanings.  The following option is also avail-able: available:

             soft    Make the mount soft.

     -r      The file system is to be mounted read-only.  Mount the file system read-only (even the super-user superuser
             user may not write it).  The same as the ``rdonly'' argument to the -o option.

     -w      The file system object is to be read and write.

     mount(2), umount(8)

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