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notifyd(8)                BSD System Manager's Manual               notifyd(8)

     notifyd -- notification server

     notifyd [-d service_name] [-v] [-shm_pages npages] [-no_restart]

     notifyd is the server for the Mac OS X notification system described in notify(3).  The server is usu-ally usually
     ally started automatically during system startup, and is not run from the command line.

     The -d option causes notifyd to run in a debugging mode.  It registers its mach port with the given
     service name.  It will stay attached to the terminal and print verbose log messages to the terminal.

     The -v option causes notifyd to produce verbose logging information.

     The -shm_pages npages option sets the number of shared memory pages used for passive notification.  The
     default is one page.  If a value of zero is specified, shared memory is disabled, and passive notifica-tions notifications
     tions are performed using IPC between the client and the server.

     The -no_restart option causes notifyd to register as a non-restartable server with mach_init.


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