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repair_packages(8)        BSD System Manager's Manual       repair_packages(8)

     repair_packages -- verify or repair filesystem permissions and flags for packages.

     repair_packages [arguments]

     repair_packages is used by Disk Utility to verify or repair permissions on installed packages.

     --volume      Perform all operations on the specified volume or home directory.  The root volume '/'
                   will be used if unspecified.

                   Output the list of package-id strings corresponding to receipts in the installer's
                   receipt database that will be verified or repaired by the --standard-pkgs flag.

     --verify      Verify the specified package(s).

     --repair      Repair the specified package(s).

     --pkg package-id
                   Add the specified package to the list of packages to verify or repair.

                   Add the standard packages to the list of packages to verify or repair.  Use --list-stan-dard-pkgs --list-standard-pkgs
                   dard-pkgs to view this list.

     --output-format #
                   Use a special output format selected by #. Different output formats may be optimized for
                   human or machine readability. The default output-format is '0', and is a verbose, human-readable humanreadable
                   readable format.

     repair_packages only runs on 10.6 or later systems. To verify or repair permissions on earlier systems,
     reboot with a Tiger or Leopard system disk and verify or repair permissions with the repair_packages
     version on that disk.


     repair_packages does not verify file contents or restore missing files; It can only verify or repair
     filesystem permissions.

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