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spindump(8)               BSD System Manager's Manual              spindump(8)

     spindump -- Profile entire system during a time interval

     spindump [pid | partial-name [duration [interval]]] [-file path] [-wait] [-findDsyms]
              [-delayOnSignal seconds]

     spindump is used by various system components to create reports when an unresponsive application is
     force quit. Reports are stored at:


     For normal application force quits spindump will display a dialog to offer the choice to view more
     details and/or send a report to Apple.

     -------------------------------------When ------------------------------------When

     When run manually, spindump samples user and kernel stacks for every process in the system.

     The process with the matching pid or partial-name will be sorted topmost in the report, if specified.
     "-notarget" may be used to avoid providing a target process when specifying a duration and interval.

     duration is the duration of the sampling in seconds. If not specified, the default of 10 seconds is

     interval is the number of miliseconds between samples. If not specified, the default of 10 miliseconds
     is used.

     The -file argument specifies where the report should be written. If path is a file, it will be over-written. overwritten.
     written. If path is a directory, a file will be created inside that directory with the name following
     the format <appname>_<pid>.spindump.txt. If a file by that name already exists, spindump will add a
     unique number to the filename. If not specified, spindump will output reports to files inside /tmp.

     The -wait flag tells spindump to wait for the process to exist before sampling. If the process already
     exists, spindump will begin sampling immediately.

     The -findDsyms flag tells spindump to use spotlight to find dsyms for use during symbolication.

     The -delayOnSignal argument tells spindump to wait seconds seconds after receiving a signal before

     SubmitDiagInfo(8), sample(1)

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