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SYSTEM_PROFILER(8)        BSD System Manager's Manual       SYSTEM_PROFILER(8)

     system_profiler -- reports system hardware and software configuration.

     system_profiler [-usage]
     system_profiler [-listDataTypes]
     system_profiler [-xml] dataType1 ... dataTypeN
     system_profiler [-xml] [-detailLevel level]

     system_profiler reports on the hardware and software configuration of the system.  It can generate
     plain text reports or XML reports which can be opened with System

     Progress and error messages are printed to stderr while actual report data is printed to stdout. Redi-rect Redirect
     rect stderr to /dev/null to suppress progress and error messages.

     The following options are available:

     -xml                Generates a report in XML format.  If the XML report is redirected to a file with a
                         ".spx" suffix that file can be opened with System

     -listDataTypes      Lists the available datatypes.

     -detailLevel level  Specifies the level of detail for the report:

                         mini          report with no personal information

                         basic         basic hardware and network information

                         full          all available information

     -timeout            Specifies the maximum time to wait in seconds for results.  If some information is
                         not available within the specified time limit then an incomplete or partial report
                         will be generated. The default timeout is 180 seconds. Specifying a timeout of 0
                         means no timeout.

     -usage              Prints usage info and examples.

       Generates a text report with the standard detail level.

     system_profiler -detailLevel mini
       Generates a short report containing no personal information.

     system_profiler -listDataTypes
       Shows a list of the available data types.

     system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType SPNetworkDataType
       Generates a text report containing only software and network data.

     system_profiler -xml > MyReport.spx
       Creates a XML file which can be opened by System

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