Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to HeaderDoc User Guide.

2013-04-23Added section on attributes and attribute lists.
2012-02-16Updated for Xcode 4.3 and improved the tags sections.
2011-06-06Added explanation of new features.
2010-08-10Updated errata.
2009-11-17Added additional 8.7 (Snow Leopard) flags.
2009-06-23Fixed minor typos.
2009-05-08Updated to cover new flags and tags in HeaderDoc 8.7 (OS X v10.6). Corrected apple_ref types.
2008-04-08Updated for OS X v10.5.
2006-11-07Significantly restructured the tagging chapter.
2006-10-03Made minor corrections.
2005-04-29Changed title from "HeaderDoc Unfettered."

Added troubleshooting chapter and information about HeaderDoc 8.5.


Added revision history, title change.


Updated for HeaderDoc 8.


Translated from original HTML version and updated for HeaderDoc 8 public beta