About Instruments

Instruments is a performance, analysis, and testing tool for dynamically tracing and profiling OS X and iOS code. It is a flexible and powerful tool that lets you track one or more processes and examine the collected data. In this way, Instruments helps you understand the behavior of both user apps and the operating system.

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At a Glance

With Instruments, you use special tools (known as instruments) to trace different aspects of a process’s behavior. You can also use the tool to record a sequence of user interface actions and replay them, using one or more instruments to gather data.

Instruments includes the ability to:

Using Instruments, you can:

Instruments is available with Xcode 3.0 and later and with OS X v10.5 and later.

Organization of This Document

The following chapters describe how to use the Instruments app:

See Also

Instruments is best used in conjunction with Xcode. For information on how to use Xcode, see the Xcode Overview. For information on how to configure an instrument and what information it collects, see the Instruments User Reference.