Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Instruments User Guide.

2014-10-20Expanded section on abandoned memory.
2014-10-16Updated for Xcode 6.1
2014-09-17Updated screenshots and notes for new Instruments 6 UI.
2014-03-10Updated to improve and clarify description of Zombie templates. Updated to correspond to changes in Preferences UI.
2013-09-18Updated description of automation instrument to note that it only works for apps signed with a development profile.
2013-04-23Updated outdated graphics.
2013-01-28Added information on the iprofiler Terminal command.
2012-09-19Added a chapter on using the Automation instrument.
2012-06-11Updated the document for version 4.3 and based the document on tasks.
2012-03-02Updated information on finding Instruments and Xcode.
2011-05-07Added information about the OpenGL ES Analyzer instrument.
2010-11-15Updated to add information about using the Automation instrument.
2010-09-01Updated to describe new features.

Changed occurrences of “iPhone OS” to “iOS”.

2010-05-27Updated with information about new iPhone instruments.
2010-01-20Added information about iPhone-specific instruments.
2009-08-20Added information about the Dispatch instrument.
2009-07-24Added information about gathering performance data from a wireless device.
2008-10-15Made minor editorial corrections.
2008-02-08Explained how playing protected content affects systemwide data collection.
2007-10-31New document that describes how to use the Instruments application.